Ding Junhui Leads Marco Fu 6-2 in The Masters Final

Ding Junhui The Masters 2011

Ding Junhui The Masters 2011

Ding Junhui has made a promising start in the first session of 2011 The Masters final, developing a 6-2 lead against Hong Kong’s Marco Fu in the first ever all-Asian Masters final. Unlike previous rounds, The Masters final is best out of 19 frames so Ding Junhui still needs another 4 frames to win the match.

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Ding Junhui v Marco Fu has featured some fabulous break building and tactical play. Ding Junhui got the match under way with a break of 120 in the first frame and a total score of 136-0. He continued in that vein in the second frame and despite a good safety by Marco Fu, Ding Junhui was still able to pot a red and get back into his rhythm. At 74-0 the second frame was his and Marco Fu had barely had any time at table.

At 2-0 down and without scoring a point Marco Fu needed to get some time on the table in the third frame. A safety exchange provided him with the opportunity and he was glad to take it. Unfortunately after chalking up just 13 points he let Ding Junhui back in and it wasn’t looking good for the Fu. His luck changed again after Ding Junhui misjudged the path of the white ball of a red and it floated up the table and into the green pocket. Marco Fu wasn’t going to let his chance to get a frame of the score board this time and despite struggling for position throughout, managed to accumulate a break of 80.

Ding Junhui returned to the table for the first frame undeterred by Marco Fu pulling one back and hits a break of 61. The frame looked like a forgone conclusion but a sloppy shot from Ding Junhui let Marco Fu back in. Fu was unable to capitalise on a great chance to go in to the mid-session interval at 2-2 and The Chinese Sensation regained his two frame advantage.

Marco Fu The Masters Final

Marco Fu The Masters Final

After the mid-session interval an uncharacteristically scrappy frame end 57-46 to Ding Junhui courtesy of a mistake by Fu. At 4-1 down Marco Fu needed to produce something special to get back on track, however, it was a fluke on the blue that was decisive in the 6th frame that helped Fu continue his break to win the frame 82-0.

Once again Ding Junhui was able to regain his 3 frame lead with the help of a break of 60 and 5-2 up with just one from of the afternoon session left to play.

Marco Fu saw a little more table time in the 8th frame but was unable to make it count and running out of position was enough to cost him the frame.

Ding Junhui v Marco Fu Frames Scores

  1. 136-0 (120)
  2. 74-0 (74)
  3. 18-84 (80)
  4. 71-42 (61)
  5. 57-46
  6. 0-82 (82)
  7. 68-17 (60)
  8. 82-30 (66)

Ding Junhui v Marco Fu resume The Masters final at 8:00pm. What are your predictions for the rest of the match? Can Marco Fu make a comeback, or will Ding Junhui build on his 6-2 lead to win the 2011 Masters final?

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