Power Snooker Rules – What Are The Rules Of Power Snooker?

Power Snooker uses the traditional rules of snooker with the following exceptions:

  • There are nine reds are racked in a diamond shape. The point of the diamond is right behind the pink.
  • The red in the centre of the rack is the “PowerBall.” When the “PowerBall” is potted, it counts for two points and starts two minutes of “PowerPlay.” During this period every ball potted scores double the number of points. If the player that initialises PowerPlay misses a shot their opponent is able to use the remaining time.
  • Power Snooker games last half an hour; the clock starts when the reds are broken and is stopped each time the final black of the frame is potted so as not to lose time between frames.
  • Players are limited to twenty seconds per shot which is timed by the Shot Clock.
  • A 20 point penalty is incurred by players failing to take a shot within the 20 second limit. They also forfeit their visit at the table unless their opponent chooses to let the player continue.
  • The player with the most points at the end of the half hour wins. Frames wins don’t count and players aren’t awarded points for winning a frame.
  • Two or more reds must hit a cushion off the break the visit ends and it’s the opponents turn to play.
  • In Power Snooker the baulk area is named the “PowerZone.” If the cue ball is struck from within the PowerZone the points for any colour potted is doubled (or quadrupled during power play).
  • Century breaks a rewarded with 50 bonus points.

  • If a player scores centuries in two consecutive frames they receive 100 bonus points.
  • Players who score three centuries in a row get 200 bonus points.
  • After a foul shot the “ball in hand” principle applies. Players are allowed to position the cue ball anywhere in the PowerZone.
  • Foul shots that occur during a PowerPlay incur a double points penalty.
  • Foul shots which occur when the cue ball is struck from the PowerZone during a PowerPlay incur a quadruple points penalty.
  • The game will end after the half hour playing period and the player with the most points wins.
  • If the game is tied on points after the half an hour, the table is cleared and the game is decided by potting the re-spotted black.
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